Monday, July 27, 2009

Enroll at the University of Andy today!

Are you depressed? Feeling lost? Are you just not happy with your life as it is? Well then it's time for you to enroll in the University of Andy! Here you can learn real skills to use in real life. Founder and professor Andy Botwin uses his extensive knowledge of important subjects to help build lives.

University of Andy

"The University of Andy's mission is to extend life's lessons beyond the classroom and into what is called "the real world." Whether it's interning at the local liquor store, writing for the University of Andy Chronicle, or dabbling in the porn industry, students are discouraged from making a difference in other people's lives and encouraged to make a difference in their own."

Just go to the University of Andy website and check out the classes and school store. You can also enroll and get your own student ID!

Walker, Christine
Surviving the Apocalypse
Holding Your Liquor

Here's just one of the many classes offered...



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