Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All I Know Is That I Know Nothing

Well, classes have started and summer has come to an end. Between school and changing the blog's layout, I haven't really written anything at all. But we all know the Earth will continue to turn whether I've updated my blog or not.

I've always anticipated the first day of school each year. Butterflies in the stomach, racing heart, the whole nine yards. I'm usually and anxious mess but excited nonetheless.The first day of a new semester is like a fresh start. A clean slate. New chances to attempt good first impressions. This first day of school in particular was quite exciting for me. This was the first day of my last semester at community college. After four years I will finally be getting my Associate of Science degree and moving on to a University. Really, it's about damn time.

I've always been excited to take new classes too. I love having new professors, new classmates, and even new books. I've had quite a bit of variety in my choice of classes. Between high school and college I've taken art, welding, government, yoga, auto-tech, human sexuality, Zoology, and kickboxing. Phew! And that's only a few of them. One of my classes this semester is philosophy. Though this class does fulfill certain requirements, I honestly couldn't wait to take the class. Human thought and perception has always amazed me. It's amazing to think that no one person on this planet will ever experience the exact same life as anyone else. Everyone has been born with they're own distinct set of thoughts, opinions, and aspirations. It's so beautiful and yet so overlooked. During our first class meeting my philosophy professor spoke about the meaning of philosophy and how it has changed over the years. Literally the word philosphy means "the love of wisdom". Years and years ago people lived in a time where knowledge was cherished and books were treasured. The whole concept of school and academics was started by groups of people who actually wanted to learn more about life and the the world around them. Back then school was not the rigid institution it is today. People would go to great lengths to even obtain books. These days college is a tool to train people for their careers. People are paying big money to go through the motions for that little piece of paper. People today don't realize how lucky they really are. I know, I know it sounds so cliche but it really is true. Almost every child in America is guaranteed 13 (practically) free years of schooling. So many kids today dick around and throw all of that down the drain. Now, I wasn't perfect in high school. I did my fair share of screwing up. Over the years, however, I've grown to appreciate everything in the world there is to learn about. I find it liberating just knowing that at any time I choose I can learn about whatever I want. I can learn to fix a transmission, or what was happening in Australia in 1821, or even the anatomy of the African rhino. It's so frustrating to me that a large part of our population is choosing not to use their brains. People aren't asking enough questions! What is reality? Do our dreams mean anything? Do you think the government is monitoring all of your phone calls? What would life be like if people had tails? What do you see when you look at this picture? Just use your brain! Try finding answers to those questions you've always wondered about. Next time you're talking with someone see if you can go an entire conversation without mentioning television, celebrities, pop culture, etc. I think a lot of you will be quite surprised and at a loss for words...

In the words of my first government professor Mrs. Hooper,
"I don't care what your opinion is. I only care that you have one."



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