Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday 9 - Rain

1. What do you typically like to do on a rainy day?
On a rainy day I just like to stay inside and sleep or watch movies. Sometimes it's nice to just sit out on the patio with a drink.

2. Tell us about the last time you did something you later regretted, that you can share with us.
I regret not taking my first couple of semesters in college seriously. I think I'd be a lot closer to my degree if I had. If that didn't happen, though, then I wouldn't have met the people I've met ... like my fiance. :)

3. I recently got an email from a lover from a very long time ago. I was asked "Have all your dreams come true?" If it were you and it was from someone you remember fondly, how would you answer the question?
A lot of my dreams from when I was younger have not come true. I'm not a veterinarian and I don't live in a mansion. However, there are so many wonderful things that have happened in the past couple of years that I never dreamed would happen to me.

4. If you had a job interview and was asked, "If you were an animal, what kind would you be (other than human?)" How would you answer that question.
I don't think there's any way to truthfully answer this and still get the job. Unless I said that I would be a hard working tiger who is really organized with their paperwork.

5. Do you think it is a good idea to share with a new lover stories of your past lovers?
I think that's a horrible idea. I just don't see the point in digging up all of that nonsense. Sometimes the past should stay in the past.

6. When do you think it is permissible or even important to lie?
I think little white lies are okay every now and then. Especially if they're told to spare someone's feelings. I'm really not a fan of liars though...

7. What was the last thing you did that you never thought you would?
I got engaged and made plans to start a family. If you would have asked me about that two years ago I would have looked at you like you're insane.

8. What is one important lesson that you learned from your mother?
My mom taught me a lot about taking care of myself and taking care of a home. I think I got a lot of my good-natured spirit from her.

9. What is one important lesson that you learned from your father?
My dad taught me to relax and take it easy. Being wound up all of the time will only give you a headache. I haven't perfected that yet, but I try. Oh, and that life isn't fair.


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